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Role: Co-Lead / Lead
Founder: Cameron Sandage
Founder: Ryan Swedenborg
Advisor: Oen Hammonds

︎ Afterhours ATX
Afterhours (Instagram)


Afterhours, an AIGA Austin event is a poster party off the clock. It's part individual creative expression, part curated poster show, and part non-profit fundraiser. The concept for this event was established help make a social impact through creativity in the greater Central Texas community.

Afterhours is also part of Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tour (EAST). EAST is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning two weekends in November. EAST provides opportunities for the public to meet the artists and artisans of Austin in their creative spaces.

Show Details

Afterhours selects 30 artists who produce 30 individual posters. All the prints will be sold (for $30) with a portion of the proceeds to the artists, and a portion going to a non-profit organization. 

Canvas Battle
During Afterhours, four artists are given a prompt, a 24″x 36″ art board, a handful of black markers, and 90 minutes to create a unique piece of art. The audience votes on the canvases and one artist is declared winner of the canvas battle. The artworks are then raffled off, with all proceeds benefiting a selected charity.

My Responsibilities

  • Acquire sponsors for the event.
  • Secure donations.
  • Conduct research to identify potential artists and sponsors.
  • Compose pitch emails.
  • Coordinate logistics for the event.
  • Communicate and coordinate with Afterhours artists
  • Purchase supplies.
  • Design swag and marketing materials.