Role: Lead for Canvas Battle at Afterhours
Founded by
: Cameron Sandage
Benjamin Padolsky


Part individual creative expression, part curated poster show, and part non-profit fundraiser. The Afterhours poster show aims to bring together the central Texas community around a given local non-profit every year. The goal is to raise awareness for the non-profit and also provide some financial support through poster sales at the event each November.

Canvas Battle is a live drawing competition that takes place during the Afterhours event. Four artists are armed with markers and given 90 minutes to create a piece of work on the spot. Each artist was given a 24x36 blank canvas and a theme to create a unique piece of art that is raffled off to a lucky winner.

  • Working with Afterhours founder to acquire sponsors for the event
  • Securing donations 
  • Conducting research to identify potential artists and sponsors
  • Composing pitch emails
  • Coordinating logistics for the event
  • Communication and coordination with Canvas Battle artists
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Designing swag for canvas battle artist and marketing

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