CASE STUDY: IBM Wealth Management Chatbot
Role: Visual, UX/UI Design (Lead)
Design Lead: Brendan Fitzpatrick
Offering Manager: Janhavi Das
Lead Architect and Dev Lead: Arn Hyndman
Content Strategist: Courtney Bittner


Building solutions in IBM Cloud can be challenging. User's don't know what's possible and it's unclear what's the optimal way to do things. The process is manual and repetitive and once you've built something, it's difficult to share. The overall Impact limits usage, delays time to value, and impedes ecosystem expansion.

To give users a head start, we built a starter kit to help users better serve their clients (something that digs a layer deeper than just saying innovation). The Watson Conversation based Wealth Management Chatbot starter kit enables users to query your investments, to analyze the effect of various scenarios on them, and to switch between a web interface and a Twilio interface.


Users were less than satisfied when it comes to understanding how to use IBM Cloud's offerings in order to build their application. In addition, there were no clear use cases explaining how each of the components are applied and work together. For someone who is new to the site it can be difficult. Top questions:
• Which services do I need? 
• How do I set everything up?
• How do I find guidance on scaling and growing my applications?


Create a working example of a use-case that shows what is possible with the integration of components. Accelerate time to value with content for common use cases and industry challenges that is prescriptive, integrated, automated, proven and reusable at scale. It needs to satisfy a user’s ability to discover and understand general and specific types of content.


  • Get users to success quicker
  • Increase average lifetime of user
  • Increase average spend
  • Decrease in month to month churn
  • Decrease in time to spend


Create an exciting new way for Financial Industry professionals to get a Wealth Management Chatbot deployed and trained on IBM Cloud in minutes and then scale it with the help of a Cloud Concierge consulting with them (for FREE!) along the way.

• Marketing page to outline bundled service
• Next steps project page
• Demo page
• Consultation and one-on-one session flow
• Employ the use of tools like Amplitude to qualify and quantify user experiences


We were able to incorporate these improvements for the initial release of the Chatbot and provide a beautiful, cohesive experience for our users. In addition, we were able to:

• Measure the number of users who registered for IBM Cloud through the Chatbot page
• Measure the number of users who created the Chatbot starter kit
• Measure the number of users who scheduled a strategy session
• Iterate and expand release based on learning from A/B release and testing

Check out the demo