Diving into the Future
Role: Illustrator
Printing by: AgavePrint
Size: 8x8
Paper: Hahnemuhle Museum Etching


Medium Small is a group exhibition focused on creatives making smaller and more informal pieces of artwork as a way to invite the viewer into the creative process and sparking new ideas among the artists themselves.


For the inaugural Medium Small show artists were asked the to not look back, but forward. When envisioning an ideal state of being what do they see? For themselves, their community or family? Artists were encouraged to interpret this prompt as they see fit in hopes that we showcase contrasting perceptions of how we define and interact with ideal future landscapes.


"How do I envision the future? I am optimistic but I know that sometimes you have to leap into the unknown knowing that perils and pitfalls may await. Embrace your own future."

© 2018 Alisha Moore (All Rights Reserved)