CASE STUDY: IBM Lite Account
Visual, UX/UI Design (Lead)
Design Lead: Brendan Fitzpatrick
Offering Manager: Janhavi Das
Content Strategist: Courtney Bittner


Users only had a 30 day trial in which to evaluate the IBM Cloud Platform. After 30 days, the platform would require a credit card to continue use. Users weren’t ready to start paying, and need a way to try out services more.


Domain knowledge research, competitive analysis, UX Audit, design thinking workshop, prototype + test.


Create a Lite account type that gives users access to try select services for free with no time restrictions. This account also includes usage tracking and efficiency features to help users better manage their resources. A Lite account doesn’t expire and a credit card is not required.

  • Filtered, high value catalog available for evaluation
  • Smarter limits - platform and service limits designed for development.
  • You receive email notifications about your account status and quota limits.


User Flow
Lite Account User Flow

Usage Limits
  • Design and create graphic representation of usage vs limits.

Call-out notifications
  • Highlight/call-out notifications of services that are not part of the Lite Services Plan.
  • If users select a plan that is not part of lite services, they will see an upgrade button and message that says: “This plan is not available with your current account type. Upgrade your account and receive a $200 credit.”

Pricing Tiers
  • Change pricing plan tiers to structured lists to emphasize plan options.

Email Communications
  • Only 90% and 100% emails will be sent.
  • Usage graphic and related text link to Service Detail view in-product, with linked text as a cue to this behavior.


  • After a months-long beta test, the 30-Day Trial was been replaced with the Lite account as our default new user account type worldwide.
  • Lite accounts are converting to Pay-As-You-Go at twice the volume of 30-Day Trial users.
  • Lite accounts are generating over triple the billable revenue per upgraded Pay-As-You-Go user relative to 30-Day Trial.


  • Target what customers are interested in
  • Define what a standard account user can create on their limited plan
  • Define what is easy to create for a beginner user (not tech advanced)
  • Define what apps/services can connect with one another to create something within plan limits
  • Give more instruction or samples of how to use services

Learn more about IBM Cloud Lite Account. 
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