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Images from the process


Role: Lead Visual, UX/UI Design
Animation: Lisa Kaiser
Content Strategist: Mina Adame


︎ Introducing Identity and
Access Management

Identity Access Management (IAM)

IBM Cloud Identity Access Management (IAM) gives users the flexibility to provide fine-grained user access to resources in their account. They can use Cloud IAM to assign policies to users, which provide user access to all resources in a resource group, a single service type within a resource group, or an individual service instance in the account.

We needed to briefly inform users of IAM without overwhelming them or expecting them to read a long document. Users need high level information of how the changes will work to increase new feature adoption with minimal support tickets.

Techniques and Solution
As a team we storyboarded ideas, wrote scripts, and worked with content writers to finalize on the video. I was brought onto this project to turn technical terms into delightful illustrations, and to give the video some personality.

What I Learned
Turning ideas into more vivid and easy-to-understand visual concept is super challenging.  I had to understand and identify the purpose of IAM, and goal of the video. Understanding IAM helped me wireframe the visual presentation and the information we wanted to communicate to users.