: Illustrator


Variable Magazine at IBM Design (Volume 3 / Persisters). The theme of this issue, “Persisters,” highlights the work, leadership, and culture women create inside and outside of IBM to shape the future. The magazine features amazing artwork interpreting womens’ visions the future created by IBM artists and designers. It’s FPO (for print only).


What tomorrow could look like, according to the women who shape it. From the work you do and the leadership you embody, to the culture you cultivate.


Women are hard-working badasses who will no longer be complacent and “comfortable” with their lives. We will stand as a united front and champion a future in which women’s rights and gender equality are a priority. Call your reps, write letters, design, protest, donate your time or money, and VOTE. Just HUSTLE. Consider it the first step in the right direction of protecting what should never be threatened: Our basic human rights.