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"Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all...good design must primarily serve people."
~ Thomas J. Watson

What I believe

  1. Users come first. Always and forever.
  2. We are not our users.
  3. Designing for accessibility and inclusion is required, not optional.
    • Design thinking is not a process, it’s a mindset.
    • Research is often undervalued.
    • Diverse teams are necessary for innovation. 
    • The design Loop is a continuous cycle of observing, reflecting and making.
    • Egos can often get in the way of good design.
    • Visual appeal cannot save bad design.

    My Process

    User Research
    Workshops, User Surveys, Interviews, Research Plans, Real Users, A/B Testing

    User research is the foundation for a design solution or product that will succeed. We must know how our users act, what they want, and what pain they have, in order to design for them. The trap of user research is that it can be misunderstood. As designers, we collect insights, data and knowledge that informs the solutions we create and not dictate them.

    Gathering Requirements
    Stakeholder Interviews, Competitive Research, Workshops, and other Design Thinking Methodologies

    The ability to gather requirements and alignment is fundamental for a team t0 succeed. Getting people together in a space (virtual or physical) to toss out ideas, ask questions, agree, and disagree, is necessary for alignment around a shared mission, vision, and/or goal.

    Personas, Use Cases, Journey Maps, Storyboards, Affinity Diagramming, and other Design Thinking Methodologies

    At any given point in the design process, we can become overwhelmed with research, opinions, and potential solutions. We must make time throughout the process to make sense of the problem we are given. This can be accomplished through a variety of design thinking methodologies.

    User Experience
    Sketches, Site Maps, User Flows, Low-fidelity Wireframes, Rapid Prototyping, Mid-fidelity Wireframes, Usability Testing

    Creating, refining, sharing, and re-creating wireframes and prototypes, help me better communicate ideas and designs.

    Visual and UI Design
    Brand Research, Brand Design, High-fidelity Wireframes, Content Writing

    Prototyping, testing, and discussing new patterns and graphics with the rest of the team allows us to further refine our tools, and communicate with users in both visual and written language.

    Prototyping, Redlines, Sprint Planning, Multidisciplinary Team Management, Collaboration with Development

    A great team is key to achieving successful release of product and service. The ability to move quickly and as smoothly as possible through sprint cycles and releases is often due to how well a team functions. With a background working with fast-paced teams, I am comfortable working with Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, managing and communicating with multidisciplinary teams, and collaborating quickly to execute for users, stakeholders, and clients.